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Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens LLC is more than just a tutoring service provider. We are an education company that provides an array of expert, customized-services, from one-on-one in-home tutoring and off-site tutoring to curriculum development and instructional videos.

Take advantage of the wide variety of services offered by our experienced  education team.

K-12 Tutoring Services

  • In-Home Tutoring

We offer 1-on-1 in-home academic tutoring for all subjects K-12. In addition, we offer counseling, test preparation, special education, foreign language, speech and language, homeschooling, and summer enrichment.

  • On-Site Tutoring

Our organization partners with school districts to provide on-site tutoring on the campuses of elementary, middle, and high schools across Southern California. Tutoring sessions at local schools are held during the day (inside the classroom) or after school.

In addition, we also offer on-site tutoring to educational institutions at their business location. Our tutors work with students in the following core subjects: English language arts, mathematics, history and social science, test preparation, study skills, homework help and more.

SCALE High™ Mentoring Program

SCALE High is an 8-week goal setting curriculum that’s implemented on the campuses of local middle schools and high schools. The program runs three to four times a year, depending on the schools request. Students are taught the necessary tools and skills needed to plan for a brighter future in SCALE High’s three core levels—school, career, and life.

Tutors for Tots Production

  • The Cook Book Web Series

The Cook Book web series is our educational television show for the entire family. The 12-episode series fuses together health education and nutrition, making it an interactive way to learn about healthy living.

  • The Cook Book Nutrition Course

The Cook Book Nutrition Course is a spin-off program from its series, bringing live demo cooking workshops to educational organizations, schools and local businesses. Our professional chefs prepare quick and healthy meals while educating participants about nutritional facts, recipes and more.

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Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens LLC is Long Beach's premier private in-home tutoring service for students K-12. Our philosophy is simple and proven successful. We provide affordable one-on-one tutoring using credentialed and degreed tutors to yield the best academic results. As educators, we understand that parents are sometimes faced with many challenges when dealing with their child's education.
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