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Our Triple P Process—plan, pair and partner—maximizes student achievement and our students leave our program receiving the best possible results.

Step 1: Plan

Based on the diagnostic assessment and area(s) of concern, we begin to construct an individualized education plan that best fits the needs of your child—to be administered weekly by your child’s tutor.

Step 2: Pair

One of the vital components to our program, are our credentialed and degreed tutors who have demonstrated and shared Tutors for Tots’ teams enthusiasm for education. Our tutors are experienced educators whom are highly skilled at working with a diverse student population. Our team includes educators with: California Single Subject Teaching Credential(s), Multiple Subject Teaching Credential(s), Special Education Credential(s), BCLAD Certification (Spanish), Pupil Personnel Services Credential(s), Master’s Degree(s), and specialized areas of experience and training in test preparation, and speech and language tutoring. This combination of educational training is an integral part of our students’ success.

Step 3: Partner

We eagerly encourage partners in education with classroom teachers in order to assist in the progress of the child’s academic success and mastery of skills. Furthermore, the constant dialogue with parent and tutor, will allow all partners—parent, teacher and tutor— to be on the same page. This partnership is proven to enhance student achievement.


About Us !

Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens LLC is Long Beach's premier private in-home tutoring service for students K-12. Our philosophy is simple and proven successful. We provide affordable one-on-one tutoring using credentialed and degreed tutors to yield the best academic results. As educators, we understand that parents are sometimes faced with many challenges when dealing with their child's education.
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