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About The Cook Book™

thecookbookThe Cook Book is an educational web series created by Dupé Aleru, Founder and Owner of Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens LLC.

The web series was developed as an extension to Tutors for Tots’ supplemental educational services for students in grades PK-12.

The series correlates with the Tutors for Tots’ “in-home” tutoring niche, by providing interactive educational videos that children can watch in the comfort of their home.

The title “The Cook Book” is a creative play with words, fusing together educational activities and lessons with nutritional facts and cooking.

Each week the episodes will feature an educational segment—lessons and activities— hence the “book” portion of its name, and a cooking segment—recipes and cooking— therefore the “cook” portion of its name.

The interactive webisodes will allow children to follow along at home, with easy replication.

To learn more about The Cook Book series, contact Dupé Aleru at daleru@tutorsfortots.com or follow the company on Instagram, @tutorsfortots.

The Cook Book Nutrition Course 

The Cook Book Nutrition Course is a spin off program based on its 12-episode web series, The Cook Book. The course promotes health education and nutrition to families and students, highlighting healthier eating choices in order to prevent disease and unwanted weight gain.

Our Mission

To help individuals improve their health by giving them the knowledge to change the way they think about food which will influence the way they feel about their health, and in turn, will change their daily eating habits.

The Cook Book Nutrition Course has partnered with Black Infant Health, Long Beach Health Department bringing live nutrition/cooking demos to its community.

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Tutors for Tots, Tweens & Teens LLC is Long Beach's premier private in-home tutoring service for students K-12. Our philosophy is simple and proven successful. We provide affordable one-on-one tutoring using credentialed and degreed tutors to yield the best academic results. As educators, we understand that parents are sometimes faced with many challenges when dealing with their child's education.
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